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RDC September 2011 News Letter

Posted by Mark Wikoff on October 9, 2011 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. Mark 16:15 NIV

We started this month with many needs for food and supplies and it was met through generous love offerings and we pray that God multiplies the seed that you planted in this ministry!

There is nothing greater than watching an adult father and his adult daughter increase of families attending the Bible study. The soup kitchen in Zaragoza is now open up to families, not just the elderly. Over 400 meals were given and many more people are being fed physically and spiritually. While they are eating, we show Christian movies and share the Gospel. Last month we were able to give out cribs and there was a need for the mattresses. Praise God for the people who were led to donate those and we gave them out this month. As we work with the community, God has opened the door to work with the Mayor of Zaragoza and his wife, Victor and Veronica Saucedo. We were able to be a blessing and help with a DIF event. (DIF is the Mexican Government Aid program)

Santa is washing her clothes with a stick. Praise God a washer was donated.

The Dream Center has a new look from the building to the students! It has been freshly painted, tile will be laid this month, poles are up and power is almost to us, and the kids have new shoes and uniforms! Because of many donations, the Dream Center is well supplied with food up to December. This month alone, over 150 meals were given. The school can now start a new program with the donation of a laptop and Rosetta Stone software in English from Jim Black from Oklahoma City. The Dream Center gives a special thank you for all the love and support from Pictures of Grace. In addition to our http://www.ranchodoscountries.com/ website, please visit the new Dream Center website for info about the children and community we are serving: http://www.dumpkids.org/Home.aspx - The new website is still under construction in some areas.

Is that people everywhere would listen to God’s voice and go wherever He is sending them. If you feel led to the mission field, please consider this. Rancho Dos Countries is in need of long or short term missionaries. Our desire is that a missionary would work specifically with the Dream Center in Nava and will dedicate 6 months or longer and help oversee the daily routines and work with the community. Also, any short term missionary can come and teach English at the school using Rosetta Stone and help out in any other ministry. We are blessed to have the Ranch facilities to accommodate long term missionaries. We also have a special need for beef or meat products and Ensure products for the elderly.

God bless, Fernando and Debra Martinez

July News Letter

Posted by Mark Wikoff on August 3, 2011 at 11:31 AM Comments comments (0)

    July has been an exciting “firecracker” month for us here at the Ranch. Even though temperatures broke record highs we continued strong in God’s work. We praise God for all our partners prayers and donations.

     Together we blessed hundreds of people. 8 fans were given away, 1 electric wheel chair was given out, 450 cases of drinks donated, 500 lbs of beans and rice were passed out along with 110 lbs of chicken and 80 lbs of beef.




     The weeks went by fast as we worked in the soup kitchens and the dream center. As we ministered to the people in the dump area, we prayed for the sick and gave thanks for the new life that we blessed. We are thankful for all the people of Zaragoza that walk many blocks to our weekly Bible study. Because of their faithfulness and hunger for the Word we have outgrown our building and now praying for a larger meeting place. The Zaragoza community has reached out to us by giving us opportunities to speak at schools and other events.

     Our ministry has always sought God by prayer and walking in faith. Please stand in agreement with us as we pray for these special needs.

 Pray in general for country of Mexico

 Pray that no child or elderly people go hungry

 Prayer and fasting for 3 day revival August 25th-27th

 Pray that donations meets the need for back to school giveaway

Thank you again for all your support and prayers. We hope to see many volunteers for the revival and any other upcoming events. God bless you all.

Fernando and Debra Martinez

RDC May News Letter

Posted by Mark Wikoff on June 11, 2011 at 12:13 AM Comments comments (0)

    Message from Debra Martinez:

      As I look back on the month of May, there’s a lot of fun and work. The school has 22 full time students. It brings happiness to your heart just looking at the children as they smile and are excited about something new that they had learn in school that day. Some of the children can now write their names and others are learning how to count. The most important thing is that they love God.  They are learning to take pride in everything they do knowing they will be able to move out one day.  Sleeping on a dirty mattress on a dirt floor is not in their future.  With your help and support and your prayers they now have a future.

“Every time you see a child crying because of hunger and a mother looking at you because there is nothing she can do, then our problems don’t look so big”. (Debra Martinez)

     It was brought to our attention by the teachers that the kids from Nava Dream Center were coming to school on Mondays with headaches. When asked if they had eaten something the day before, that may have caused them to be sick they said they had not anything to eat since they left school on Friday. That means if they did not eat, neither did their brothers and sisters.  This is serious issue that Dream Center is committed to resolving. 

    School is out as of 9 of July, the teachers have volunteered to come and cook every day for lunch, we need to open this up to all the people in the Dump area, so we can feed the elderly, the parents and the children. As a result we will need volunteers and more food.  Please visit the Donations link to find out how to provide support.

There is also a big problem in Mexico with the weather right now, we are already running temperatures of  106 to 110 degrees.  The incredible heat has come a bit early this year.  Although the families face this heat each year it is extremely hard on the elderly in the Dump area as well as in Zaragoza where we serve.  They really need help!  Our soup kitchen is serving between 40 and 80 lunches a day. It is so hot that they’re asking for umbrellas because they have to walk to the center.  They have power in most of their homes but don’t have fans so we have an urgent need for fans. We also need some ceiling fans for the soup kitchen as well. Please pray about how you can help and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

There’s also wonderful things happening all over Mexico. \One of them is that our bible study group is continueing to grow.  We are already needing a larger place.  We have around 40 people on Tuesdays and they are really on fire for God and the churches in the area are starting to fill it too.   We had a church from Puerta Al Cielo in Allende to the Ranch last Sunday.  They brought 116 people and they baptized 11 so the movement is truly there.

Thankyou to all our supporters out there.  Please continue to pray for us and for the communities we serve.

God Bless You!

Debra and Fernando Martinez