Rancho Dos Countries

Founded in 2001 by Fernando & Debra Martinez

How Can I Participate?

God has given us multiple ways in which to share His love and get involved!

You Can Provide Supplies:
School supplies, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, food items (rice and beans). If you have supplies to donate, please contact us at ranchodoscountries@yahoo.com

School Supplies
The Ranch puts together supply boxes for each student which includes the following:

1 School Box (small)
1 Glue Stick
2 Pencils
1 eraser (or 2 pencil top erasers)
1 Scissor
1 Pencil Sharpener

Some groups will donate individual items which the Ranch will then assemble.
Other groups will buy all the supplies for a set of boxes, assemble and then get the completed boxes to us.

We also are looking for backpacks.

You Can Provide Your Time and Talents:
We have groups that visit orphanages, work with children, provide dramas, skits and sign language. We also have teams that participate in construction projects and relief efforts.

You Can Provide Direct Funding:
Through your financial donations, we provide essentials for those less fortunate. Most recently we were able to provide food and clothing for those affected by the Rosita flood. Our Dream Center, built to provide a community gathering place for worship and a school, is just one example of how your donations directly impact the beautiful people of Mexico.

You Can Serve From the Ranch:
God has established The Ranch so that missionaries can come to Mexico and join with us to reach the lost for Jesus. God is definitely using The Ranch. Several Hispanic church groups have come to the ranch to baptize their members. Church groups come from around the world to serve in the local communities. Come and see for yourself!

Currently, we are looking for interns and laborers. We would prefer bilingual but it is not absolutely necessary. If you are interested in our intern program please contact us.